In the world of franchise,
we stand out as a

Franchise with a Difference.

Our Impact.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of receiving support from
eminent people across the governments, corporations and other walks of life.

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The President & the Chief Justice of India at Mitti Cafe in the Supreme Court.

Pictures Personalities

The Chief Justice & other Judges during the inauguration of Mitti Cafe at Supreme Court.

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Narayan Murthy, Founder-Infosys, at our Cafe in Hubli, Bangalore.

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Paridhi Adani, Partner at Cyril Amarchand, at our Cafe in Mumbai Airport

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German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, visited Mitti Cafe at India Coffee House in Bangalore.

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Jeet Adani during the inauguration of Mitti Cafe at the Mumbai Airport.

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Bengaluru Airport CEO, Mari Marar during the inauguration of two Cafes at the Kempegowda Airport.

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Sharing the Mitti Cafe story at Wipro’s Global Executive Council Meet in the presence of Azim Premji

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Our Founder was invited by the Adani Group to present Mitti’s story to Gautum Adani at the Adani Headquarters in Ahmedabad.


Jacqueline Fernandes stopped by to meet our wonderful team of adults with disabilities.


Ritesh Deshmukh came to our Cafe to meet our team of adults with disabilities.


Anupam Kher has met our great team on multiple occasions at the Mumbai international Airport.


Legendary singer, Udit Narayan came by to meet our team and give his warmest regards.

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Our team was thrilled to meet Sayani Gupta at our Cafe in Mumbai. 


Anil Kapoor and Anupam Kher have shared extremely kind words for our efforts.

Awards & Recognition

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⭐ NITI Aayog – Women Transforming India Awards – 2022

⭐ Rotary Awards for Excellence in Service to Humanity – 2022

⭐ Commonwealth Youth Icon Award 2021

⭐ Featured in Forbes 30 under 30

⭐ Zero Project Award

⭐ Karnataka Women’s Achievers Award

⭐ Malabar Gold and Diamonds Award – 2022

⭐ United Nations Intercultural Innovation Award – 2021

⭐ COVID Warrior Award: Deutsche Bank – YSE -2021

⭐ Condé Nast Traveller India Award

⭐ Anjali Khandwalla Creative Mentor (AKCM) Award

⭐ SIF-Deutsche Bank’s Made for Good Award 

⭐ Samvida Social Enterprise Competition

⭐ Janhit Jagran Award in the field of poverty alleviation

⭐ United Nations Cultural Innovation Award

⭐ YSE Deutche Bank Award

⭐ Winner, Times of India- She Unlimited Award

⭐ NCPEDP Mindtree Helen Keller Award

⭐ Motwani Jadeja Foundation- Rajeev Circle fellowship

⭐ Winner of Bumble Grant

⭐ Winner, Rotary Exemplar Award- Best Social Enterprise

⭐ Microsoft Nipman Award for Innovation in Disability Inclusion

⭐ Tiecon Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award

⭐ Winner of Best CSR Initiative @ Annual Restaurant Awards

⭐ Winner, Ford Foundation Social Enterprise Competition

⭐ Social Entrepreneur of the year by Emerge India

⭐ Won Bangalore Trote Trophy for Promising Social Entrepreneur

⭐ Winner of Social Enterprise Finals, Deshpande Foundation

⭐ Won Dainik Jagran Social Enterprise Competition, in the field of Poverty alleviation

⭐ Amongst 10 Indian Social innovators selected by Australian government for the Going Global Program – Queensland


The Media Spotlight.

Our journey has been featured in leading publications, creating a buzz in the industry. 
Click on each logo to know more.

Coverage of Mitti Cafe in Bengaluru Airport

Our grand opening in the Mumbai International Airport

The highest court of our land opened its door to Mitti Cafe

Alina Alam, the Founder, underlining our core values & goals

Comes In Many Sizes.

We recognize that aspirations and capacities vary, so we offer franchise opportunities of different sizes

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A smaller-scale venture that packs a punch in terms of impact, our kiosk-sized franchise

3 1

Dine In

Create a welcoming space for community engagement and leisurely dining.

4 2

Food Court

Join bustling food courts, bringing inclusivity to the heart of the community.

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Food Truck

Take Mitti Café on the road, serving joy to different neighborhoods.

Unlike any other.

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Mitti Cafes are running in some of the largest corporate and public spaces.
persons from marginalised SECTIONS have been skilled to start their careers
Corporate gifts curated and dispatched by persons with disaBILITIES.
Meals served with dignity by PWDs providing them gainful employment.

Submit your property and be a part of the change

Do you have a property that you think would make a great location?  
We are on the look out for the best food locations in the country and we would love to hear from you.


Our Ever-growing Footprint.

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Beyond Franchising,
We're Your Growth Partner!

We’re here to support you every step of the way, 
providing the tools and resources you need to succeed:

Franchise Application.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A) What is the Cost Breakdown for Different Mitti Café Models:

A.1) Dine-In Model:

  • Franchise Fee: 8 lacs + GST
  • Space Requirement: Minimum 30 covers in an 800 sq ft space
  • Total Setup Cost: Approximately 44 lacs

A.2) Food Court Model:

  • Franchise Fee: 8 lacs + GST
  • Space Requirement: 200-300 sq ft carpet area
  • Total Setup Cost: Approximately 36.5 lacs

A.3) Drive Thru Model:

  • Franchise Fee: 8 lacs + GST
  • Space Requirement: Minimum 32 covers in a 1000-1500 sq ft space
  • Total Setup Cost: Approximately 64 lacs

B) What is the necessary Licenses for Running the Outlet:

  • Shop & Establishment
  • Municipal Trade license

C) Who has the responsibility for Marketing:

  • Central level marketing (Social Media, Radio, Newspaper, TV) is managed by the brand.
  • Location-specific marketing (Zomato/Swiggy ads, local flyers, hoardings) is the responsibility of the franchise outlet.

D) What should be the Marketing Budget:

  • Mandatory launch budget of 2 lacs required for the first 3-4 months.
  • Suggested allocation of at least 5% of monthly revenue towards marketing once the outlet is open.

E) What will be my initial Stock Cost?

  • 35% of the projected revenue in the first month is considered for the initial stock indent.

F) What is the Royalty and Administrative Fee?

  • Royalty: Fixed at 6%
  • Administrative Fee: Fixed at 2% on net revenue per month

G) Which Franchise  Model do we follow?

Franchise owned franchise operated (FOFO) model only

H) What is be my Expected Rental Ranges:

  • Dine-In: 50k - 2.5 lacs
  • Food Court: 30k - 1.5 lacs

I) Other Costs and Profitability:

  • Detailed monthly Profit And Loss Statement provided by Franchise Experts after aligning on location, setup cost, etc.

For further details and tailored information, schedule an appointment with our Franchise Experts at

A) Hiring Responsibility and Brand Guidelines:

While the Franchise holds accountability for the hiring process, Mitti Café provides unwavering support. Our brand guidelines ensure a seamless recruitment experience. We assist in sourcing CVs and conduct interviews collaboratively with the Franchise owner to ensure that each team member aligns with Mitti Café's ethos.

B) Skilled / Non-Skilled Labour:

For Mitti Café, we primarily consider non-skilled labour with relevant experience. We believe in providing opportunities and training to individuals who may not have specific skills but exhibit enthusiasm and dedication.

C) Number of Employees Needed:

  • Dine-In: An estimated 7 employees.
  • Food Court: Approximately 5 employees.
  • Drive Thru: Anticipated workforce of 8 employees.

These figures are based on average revenues, and the actual number of employees may vary based on factors such as order volumes and specific location requirements. Additional roles like delivery personnel, valets, security guards, etc., may be applicable based on the unique characteristics of each location. We tailor our staffing strategy to ensure optimal operational efficiency and service excellence.

A) Training Excellence at Mitti Café:

Franchise Owner Training: Training for Mitti Café Franchise Owners is a personalized and comprehensive program conducted by our expert Management team. This training is meticulously designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary for the successful and profitable operation of your Mitti Café store.

Staff Training: For the staff at your franchise location, training is facilitated by our operations staff. This essential training takes place directly at the Franchisee Location. Mitti Café goes the extra mile by providing a dedicated New Store Opening Team. This team will be on-site, guiding and mentoring your new staff until they are certified and confident to handle operations independently.

B) Training Location:

  • For outlet staff: Training is conducted at the respective Franchise store. In special cases, there may be instances where staff visits and training at existing Mitti Café locations are required.
  • For Franchise owners: The training process is flexible. Owners can choose between online sessions or opt for in-person training at our Headquarters (HQ) in Gurgaon.

C) Refresher Training:

At Mitti Café, we understand the importance of continuous improvement. If refresher training is required for any reason, it will be arranged based on the specific needs and requirements of the Franchisee. Our commitment to ongoing support ensures that every member of the Mitti Café team remains adept and updated in their roles.

At Mitti Café, training isn't just an event; it's an ongoing commitment to excellence, empowering both franchise owners and staff for long-term success.

A) Digital Marketing Expertise:

Our dedicated in-house marketing team at Mitti Café takes charge of your digital presence. They curate a comprehensive monthly plan for digital marketing activities, covering platforms such as Zomato, Swiggy carousels and clicks, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, and more. This strategic approach ensures an impactful and engaging online presence for your Mitti Café franchise.

B) Expertise in Offline Marketing:

Mitti Café's in-house marketing team extends its support to craft a monthly plan for offline marketing initiatives, including billboards, newspaper flyers, and more. The local marketing plan is collaboratively designed, taking into account the unique characteristics and preferences of your specific franchise location. This personalized approach ensures that your offline marketing efforts resonate with the local audience.

C) Identifying Our Target Audience:

At Mitti Café, our primary target audience comprises the average middle-class Indian, typically within the age range of 14-50. Ideal locations for Burger Singh franchises are those with a high density of population falling within this demographic. Additionally, areas with a significant concentration of students and young adults are particularly suitable for the Mitti Café concept.

Understanding and connecting with our target audience allows Mitti Café to tailor its marketing strategies, ensuring a resonance that goes beyond culinary excellence and extends into the heart of the community.

A) What is the Franchisee Agreement Term (Clarify as per each outlet type)?

Franchise Agreement term for a Food Court, Dine-In and Drive-thru model is 5 years.

B) What is the Franchisee Agreement Renewal Fee (Clarify as per each outlet type)?

To be determined at the time of renewal.

C) What is a Term Sheet?

The Term Sheet is prepared and signed once the Franchise fee is paid. This is the confirmation of the offer to finalise a franchise license for a particular area. The letter consists of the details of the Franchise, City, Area, Store Model, Fee, Royalty and any special conditions if applicable. The letter states that the outlet should be made operational within 3 months of signing.

A) Outlet Setup Project:

  • The outlet setup project work will be exclusively handled by vendors approved by Mitti Café. A comprehensive list of these approved vendors, along with their costing details, will be shared with the Franchise for transparency and collaboration.

B) Independent Project Execution:

  • Yes, you have the flexibility to manage the project setup with your own vendor. However, it is essential that the vendor you choose has significant experience in constructing restaurants of global repute. This ensures the adherence to quality standards and the successful realization of Mitti Café's brand identity.

C) Store Opening Timeline:

  • The timeline for making the store operational is estimated to be 60-70 days from the signing of the Franchise Agreement. This period allows for the meticulous setup of the outlet, ensuring that it meets the high standards and unique ambiance associated with Mitti Café.

D) Location Identification:

  • Yes, Mitti Café is committed to supporting franchisees in finding an optimal location. Through data analysis of market competition and online delivery sales data, Mitti Café can share insights on top locations in a particular city. This data-driven approach ensures a strategic and informed decision-making process.

E) Shop Compatibility:

  • Absolutely, if you own a shop that aligns with the requirements of Mitti Café's franchise model, it can be considered as a potential location for the outlet. However, thorough due diligence will be carried out to ensure that the shop meets the necessary criteria for brand representation and operational efficiency.
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